The High Court has declined to stop Cord protests but urged IG Joseph Boinnet to provide security and ensure public safety .
Justice Joseph Onguto noted in a ruling on Monday that it is the role of police ensure law and order is maintained.
Regarding the demonstrations, Onguto said Cord leaders are within their rights to stage demonstration over the removal of IEBC commissioners.
According to JusticeĀ  Joseph, the constitution allows people to picket so as to air opinions which may be controversial but must be respected.
However he insisted the removal of IEBC commissioners need to be constitutional since it is an independent body.
He also said the protests should not take place on private property.
Protesters defy police ban
Cord supporters defied a police ban on anti-IEBC protests and took to the streets in various counties on Monday, burning tyres and blocking roads.
Riding on boda bodas and blowing whistles, the demonstrators forced vehicles off the road causing the early closure of businesses.
In Kisumu, protesters blocked roads with burning tyres and stones, a witness said as reported by Reuters.
“IEBC must go,” demonstrators in Kisumu shouted, while others carried a banner carrying the same slogan.
In Nairobi, armed and fully-gearedanti-riot police were deployed to prevent the protests.
Nairobi commander Japheth Koome has asked residents to avoid CBD.