Here is Jaguar’s statement on salary increament for MPs

Charles Njagua Kanyi, well known as Jaguar, the starehe mp elect has once again won the hearts of many. This is after he  rebuked those Mps trying to advocate for salary increment.

The philanthropic entertainer turned politician, is the first musician ever to successfully vie for for a political seat in Kenya. His performance as a member of parliament will either ruin or build the future of Kenyan musicians, as far as politics is concerned.

Through his Instagram account, he has strongly shown that the best will and interest of people reside in his  heart. Here is what he wrote:

“As I stated yesterday; I am in total support of the SRC MP’s pay cut. I will not support any proposition that seeks to undermine the economic prosperity of our nation. Again, I thank the people of Starehe for giving me the opportunity to represent them in Parliament. Lets us walk together and focus only on the work that brought us here.”