Four-legged ROBOT HORSE that can carry 120kg of people or equipment

Engineering students built an incredible robot ‘horse’ thatwouldn’t look out of place in a futuristic war film.

The “horse” is a four-legged robot that can maneuver different tricky terrains, track people on sight on keep its balance when attacked with a forceful blow – all while carrying 120kg of people or equipment .

It was developed by a team of students from Shandong University in China.

Although still in the development stage, the robot could be used for a manner of different jobs. Robotics are being increasingly used in warfare, and the quadriplegic ‘war horse’

By keeping its balance under pressure and carrying heavy weights, the robot could be manipulated to be used in the

And its tracking feature could come in handy during covert operations outside of the battlefield.

Not to mention its ability on different terrains – the robot can easily handle snow, ice, flat and uneven ground and has no trouble walking up stairs.

It is one metre tall, weighs 120kg (18 stone) and is able to carry its own weight – around the same as a young, real horse.

The robot was developed by a crack team of students, all aged under 25 years old.

But if the AI were to be used in battle, its rivals might be a little more fierce – say, a combat robot designed to be used in attack and ambush missions as well as for surveillance, reconnaissance, decoy and intelligence gathering.

According to IAI RoBattle is equipped with a modular “robotic kit” which can be changed and swapped in and out
depending on the military operation.

Operators can equip RoBattle with different payloads, including manipulator arms, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors and radars, and remotely controlled weapons.