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First Post-Independence Attorney General Charles Njonjo is Dead


Former Attorney General Charles Njonjo passed away earlier today at his home in Muthaiga. He was announced dead at around 5 am on Sunday, January 2nd  at the age of 101.

The former attorney’s body was later cremated at the Kariakor Hindu Crematorium at around 10 am. According to his son-in-law Carey Ngini, the late Sir Charles Njonjo had made it clear to cremate his body on the same day.

“He was very clear about what he wanted not only in life but in death as well. Part of those instructions was to perform a cremation immediately after his passing. He did not want fanfare, he didn’t want a lot of ceremonies and what goes with funerals and passing of people of his stature. As a family, we fulfilled his wish,” Carey Ngini said to journalists.

Among those mourning the late sir Charles Njonjo is the Head of State, President Uhuru Kenyatta. He termed the death of the former attorney general as a big blow not only to all Kenyans and the African continent because of his leading role in the founding of independent Kenya.

“As a nation, we owe a debt of gratitude to Njonjo and his generation of independence era leaders for their selfless contribution to the laying of the solid foundation upon which our country continues to thrive,” he stated.

The deputy President William Ruto also recognized the late as a knowledgeable, blunt and dedicated advocate. He also acknowledged him as a selfless person who was devoted to serving the people.

“Charles Njonjo devoted his life in serving our country in pre and post-independent Kenya as a civil servant, Attorney General, Kikuyu MP and Constitutional Affairs minister. We will miss his wisdom, company and warmth,” Ruto said.

Other political leaders also reacted to the news and also expressed what the late attorney general meant to them.

Charles Njonjo

Charles Mugane Njonjo served as Kenya’s first Attorney General from the year 1963- 1967. He later retired and was elected to the National Assembly in April 1980 as the MP for Kikuyu Constituency.

In June 1980, Late President Daniel Arap Moi appointed him to serve as the Minister for Home and Constitutional Affairs.

Njonjo also studied law and was called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn in 1952. He was the second Kenyan- African barrister after Argwings-Kodhek, who had been called to the Bar in January 1951 at Lincon’s Inn.

He later became Kenya’s first post-independence Attorney General, taking over from Griffith Jones

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