Exclusive: Alikiba replies with a F**k word after Diamond attacked him in a new song…

If you thought the beef between Alikiba and Diamond was over then you are wrong. The acrimony between the two bongo kingpins has been taken to another level.

It all started a fresh when diamond decided to attack alikiba in a new song originally done by Fid Q. The song is called fresh remix and the line that soared the beef to higher height is “Kunicompare na cinderella haiwezi kuwa fresh.”

Alikiba immediately replied to this through his twitter handle.  check out what he said:

In the song, Diamond platnumz also decided reply to claims that he fathered Hamisa mobetto’s son. This is what he said: Naskia naitwa baba Abdul eeh,
Kuna mambo mitaaani fresh.