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Best schools in Nyamira South Sub County KCSE 2018

2018 KCSE results for schools in Nyamira South sub county shows that St. Peter’s Nyakemincha emerged the best.

The school posted a mean of 6.889 making it the best not only in the sub county, but also in the entire county. Kebirigo Boys took the second position with a mean of 6.8286.

Nyameru, Gesiaga and Sironga Girls took positions third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Here is a list of merit for schools in Nyamira south sub county KCSE 2018

  1. St. Peters Nyakemincha_6.8895
  2. Kebirigo Boys_6.8286
  3. Nyameru_6.1220
  4. Gesiaga_5.6526
  5. Sironga Girls High_ 5.6367
  6. Nyamira boys_5.4918
  7. Nyansabakwa_5.0120
  8. Rangenyo_4.7560
  9. Kuura_4.5862
  10. Kenyenya_4.5484
  11. Marindi_4.5084
  12. Kemasare_4.1695
  13. Motagara girls_3.7941
  14. Nyakeore_3.7097
  15. Nyamaiya_3.7089
  16. Marani girls_3.6562
  17. Bosiango SDA_3.6486
  18. Masosa_3.6383
  19. Bondeka_3.5650
  20. .Ekenyoro_3.5854
  21. .Nami_3.4857
  22. Makairo_3.4559
  23. Rirumi_3.4375
  24. Geta_3.3500
  25. Gucha SDA_3.2097
  26. Nyabisimba_3.2857
  27. Gianchore_3.2821
  28. Rateti_3.1682
  29. Nyachururu_3.1458
  30. Nyaigwa_3.1034
  31. Kebaso_2.9444
  32. St. Marys mongorisi_2.9302
  33. Getaari_2.8611
  34. Nyantaro_2.7037
  35. Gesore_2.6970
  36. Etono_2.6944
  37. Gekomoni_2.6711
  38. Bonyunyu_2.6640
  39. Kianungu_2.6296
  40. kiang’inda_2.4706
  41. Nyamotentemi_2.2600
  42. Nyaisa_2.5294
  43. Nyachogochogo_2.3400
  44. Embonga_2.3215
  45. Bugo_2.3043
  46. Omosasa_2.2500
  47. Riamandere_2.1212
  48. Bomorito_1.8846
  49. Nyagachi_1.7727
  50. Enchoro_1.7368

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