Behaviors exhibited by boys and girls who are gays and Homosexuals in Kenyan Schools

The rate at which homosexuality and lesbianism is taking roots in secondary schools, is alarming and shocking. Despite the facts that this ungodly behavior is being welcomed in most western countries, it remains to be unacceptable in African setting.

Students who engage in lesbianism and homosexually are either suspended, transferred to other schools, referred to boards of managements for disciplinary action or they are guided and counselled.

Reports have shown that boys who exhibit the following characters are likely to be homosexuals;

  • Absent-minded.
  • Lack concentration in class.
  • Very secretive.
  • Share gifts and even beds.
  • Discomfort in female company.
  • feminine character.
  • possession of condoms.
  • possessive friendship.
  • sagging of trousers.
  • Very shy.
  • Unfriendly.

The reports also indicated that girls who have the following characters are likely to be lesbians;

  • Behaving like men.
  • Funny hairstyles and dress codes.
  • Indecent behaviours such as touching other girls’ privates.
  • Pairing and constantly being together.
  • Sharing beds and holding hands.
  • Possessive friendship.
  • buying bananas and test tubes for ‘use’ in their dormitories.
  • Hostility towards the opposite sex.
  • Hostility towards the opposite sex.