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7 proven signs that you crush loves you back…you don’t have to miss no.4

Are you hopelessly stressed with someone who’s  tough to read? It will be very embarassing if you make a steady approach and get dissapointed.  If you want to know whether your crush loves you back, these are the signs:

1. Countless Compliments

It’s very unusual for someone who doesn’t feel romantic about you to give you a lot of compliments. Especially if the compliments are those about your looks. Things like: You’re beautiful, you have an amazing smile, your laugh is cute, you have stunning eyes, among others. Also, if your crush tells you these things more than once, that’s a good sign that she really likes you back.

2. Getting too personal

Does your crush ask you questions about yourself? Does she pry for more  information about you, your family, likes or dislikes? Does he talk about his personal life, goals, family, past relationships, secrets or something else that you wouldn’t tell just anyone? If he does, this may be a great sign that he likes you and probably she wants to let you in. This means she trusts you, but also wants to get to know more about you, too.

3. Constant Communication

Does your crush make an effort to contact you first by texting, calling or even social network messaging you? Does he reply to your messages relatively briefly after you sent them? Does he answer most of your calls or call you back as soon as he can?  If so, it means he really has an interest in you.  Girls won’t usually make the effort to talk to someone who they don’t really want to talk to.

4. Dates and presents

A girl who gives you gifts, whether extravagant or small, really cares for you. She wants to impress you and make you happy by giving you things she thinks you’ll love. She obviously loves seeing you happy and loves that he’s the one doing it. If your crush takes you out for ice cream, to a movie, to dinner, to any event or place multiple times, it may mean that she wants to take you out on ‘dates’ and take the relationship further soon enough.

5. Body language

We, as humans, say a lot with our bodies- sometimes more than we even say with our words. Body language is an important factor in any relationship; romantic or not. The way your crush moves his body may be telling you something this whole time!  Does she try to make eye contact with you as much as possible? Does she touch you a lot? Put his arm around you?  Do you catch him glancing at you, just like you glance at him? Even looking to see if he laughs or smiles when you laugh or smile may be the key to finding out whether he likes you.

6. Hanging out with you

If you find your crush wanting to be around you a lot, asking you to hang out more than often or offer to take you places, they make like you. If she’s doing these things then it usually means she wants to be around you and enjoys your company.

7. What people say

Whether people you know are telling you that they think your crush likes you back or you ask them for their opinion, that is a sign that she truly does like you. Third parties are better at seeing the signs  because they are not blinded by love. They can see clearly what’s going on and will be able to tell you the absolute truth.

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