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Video:This is how The Fallen Egesa FM Comedian Okebiro Mose predicted his death

Gusii community and Egesa FM fans are mourning the sudden death of Mr. Mochere alias Okebiro O’ Mose. Mochere who was a celebrated comedian reportedly committed suicide following a domestic wrangle in his Nairobi home.

It has been revealed that prior to the dramatic Saturday morning episode, his wife, Teresa Moraa hinted of a possible misunderstanding between the couple.

“Mtu akisema anajiua na aue watoto utafanyaje advice?” Her wife wrote in a post that was later deleted.

This loosely translates to: ” If someone says he wants to commit suicide along with his children, what can you do? Please advice.”

It is increasingly clear that the philanthropic comedian predicted his death. A video clip that has been seen by Jambo News is a clear indication that Mr Mochere was right cornering his premonition.

In that video clip Mochere was heard saying, “Gaki rende naegwa rirube nainche nkogendankare, Ekero ndaku nainu mogocha mwetani enamba eye”

This literary translates to “even me I was given a letter am going, hope when I will die you’ll come in large numbers” These words were said during the send off of the late great gusii musician Onsongo O’mosongo.

Here is the video clip

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