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TSC To Use Data Bank to Simplify Recruitment Process

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) intends to create a data bank of interviewed secondary school teachers to help it decide who to replace when they leave the service.

The School Selection panel, which is the Board of Management, will be required to create a merit list particular to each open position from the list of five (5) candidates per opening who were shortlisted and interviewed in every secondary school in the nation.

The merit list shall be used in TSC subsequent and similar recruitments in the County, as per the guidelines for hiring post-primary teachers on permanent and pensionable terms published under Circular No. 9/2022 dated June 30, 2022 by the Commission’s Secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Nancy Macharia.



The Merit List shall be used in the subsequent recruitment processes involving a similar vacancy in the County within the financial year or as directed by the Commission from time to time,” said Dr. Macharia in the Circular.

This implies that any future recruitment within 2022/2023 FY that is between July 2022 and June 2023, priority will be given to those who are listed in the data bank; without necessarily TSC having to do a fresh hiring exercise as it was the case before which is also seen as a move by the Commission to cut on the recruitment cost whenever such vacancies occur.

This means that those who were shortlisted and attended the just concluded interviews will automatically be considered for employment when the

According to Dr. Macharia’s statement in the Circular, the Merit List “will be used in the subsequent recruiting processes involving a similar position in the County during the financial year or as instructed by the Commission from time to time.”

This implies that candidates listed in the data bank will be given preference for any future positions within the 2022–2023 fiscal year, which runs from July 2022 to June 2023. This avoids the need for TSC to conduct a new hiring process as was necessary in the past, which is also seen as a move by the Commission to reduce recruitment costs whenever such vacancies occur.

This means that people who participated in the recently concluded interviews and were shortlisted will be immediately taken into consideration for employment when the recruitment vacancies are advertised by the commission.

The school selection panels must submit the list to the TSC Sub-County Directors after creating the vacancy-specific merit list, who will then submit it to the County Directors for compilation of the subject-specific merit list in order to create a databank for the County that will be used to fill subject-specific vacancies in subsequent recruitment processes throughout the FY.

The names on the School Selection Panel’s vacancy-specific merit list, which is used to create subject-specific merit list data banks, come from the five (5) applicants who made the shortlist for each advertised position and were obtained from the applicant’s list produced by the TSC system.

The subject-specific merit list must subsequently be forwarded to the TSC County Director by the

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