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TSC To Transfer 14,700 Teachers Back To Their Rural Areas

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has stated that it will transfer all teachers who have sent requests to be taken back to their home county.

Appearing before education committee, TSC chairperson Jamleck Muturi said 14,733 teachers have sought transfers to their rural areas. This comes after the commission ended the delocalisation policy, which had placed teachers in schools outside of their rural communities.

“As a commission, we will consider all the issues of teachers in terms of delocalisation and ensure we take care of their requests as well as the constitutional mandate of the commission to ensure the schools have teachers,” Muturi said.

He said the majority of teachers want the employer to affect their transfer due to ill health, family bonds, and advanced age.

TSC was also put to task to explain why recruitment is discriminating suitable candidates who are above 45 years.

Previously, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) locked out those above 45 years in their selection criteria.

In his response TSC chairman Jamleck Muturi assured those who have been absent that they will be prioritised in the exercise in response to a question from Malava MP Malulu Injendi.

“During the recruitment, we will consider the time when the teachers graduated and the grade strength. We encourage even those teachers with 58 years to apply so that they can be considered to serve the commission for the remaining period before they attain the retirement age,” Muturi said.

He added: “To ensure transparency, the guidelines are structured so that those who graduated early are given the first priority.”

However, High Court ruled that the age limit was unconstitutional, the process favoured younger graduates. This move opens doors for thousands who were jobless or for one reason or another had been employed in the private sector past the preferred age.

Members of the National Assembly sought assurance after investigating why there is discrimination based on age or year of graduation.

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