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TSC Teachers to pay for review of a discipline case

Teachers employed by Teachers Service Commission are governed by set regulations and code of conduct that they should abide by at any given time.

Breaching of contractual terms will results to a painful interdiction process that sets way for investigation. In case a teacher is found guilty after fair hearing, the commission dismisses him or her.

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If a teacher feels that the dismissal process was not fair there is an option of appealing for a more fair hearing. The commission has introduced payment for this service.

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Pursuant to the Fifth Schedule of the Code of Regulations for Teachers 2015, the Commission charges two thousand shillings (Ksh. 2000/-) for application for Review of a discipline case.

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How to make payment for review of TSC discipline case

In case of application for review of a discipline case, a teacher can follow the following steps:

  • Deposit Ksh. 2000 in your name to the bank details below;
ACCOUNT NUMBER01001005707400
  • Forward the bank deposit slip to TSC Headquarters (Discipline Division) to enable processing of your application.


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