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TSC Requirements For an Entity to Be Admitted To Check Off Facility

An entity that desires to be admitted to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) check off facility must meet the following mandatory requirements: 

  • Income Tax (PIN) Certificate;
  • Tax Compliance Certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority;
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Registration;
  • Deduction Code Holder Authorization Letter from DPSM;
  • Trading Licenses issued by relevant Government Agencies;
  • By Laws for SACCOs and Affiliated Social Welfare Associations;
  • Letter of confirmation from Regulatory Authority of the firm;

In addition to the above, for a third party to be admitted in the Commission’s  check off system it must:- 

  • Have been in operation in the Republic of Kenya for a period of at least  five (5) years;
  • Provide certified audited accounts or latest financial statements;
  • Provide a letter of Recommendation from its Regulatory Authority;
  • Provide a list of at least three (3) government institutions where it has  been granted a check off facility system;
  • Provide evidence of presence and branch network in at least fifteen (15) Counties except for region based cooperative societies.

All third parties admitted into the Check off Facility shall execute an agreement setting out the terms and conditions of engagement. Such terms shall include but not limited to:- 

  • Obligations of the parties (Third parties and TSC);
  • Period of engagement and renewal clauses; (Renewal should be after every  five (5) years subject to positive performance report developed by the com mittee;
  • conditions of engagement;
  • Termination clauses;
  • Review clause
  • Fees payable;

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