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TSC pushes term 3 2018 TPAD deadline to January 2019 as Quality Assurance role is questioned

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has extended the deadline for uploading term three (2018) teachers’ appraisal data. The deadline for uploading the data had earlier been set to be 10th December, 2018, for both the appraisee and appraiser.

Due to few number of teachers who had uploaded their TPAD forms, the commission has pushed the deadline to  6th January, 2019.

Efforts by teachers trying to access the online platform were unsuccessfully futile, with the system greeting them with a message “an error occurred while processing your request”. This is second time TSC is suffering an online hitch this month after the the online payslip registration also failed. The commission later requested newly employed teachers to seek assistance from the nearest TSC county offices.

Last week Attorney general, clearly indicated that teachers’ Quality Assurance process was not the role of the commission. This therefore raises more questions pertaining the future of teacher appraisal (TPAD).

On the other hand TPAD tool has received unshakable opposition from KNUT officials. SG Wilson Sossion has remained adamant on his position concerning TPAD. He is on record appealing to commission to come up with another teacher appraisal tool that is simple and not time consuming.

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