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TSC Interviews Draw Closer As 350,000 Teachers Eye 9,000 Advertised Posts

Teachers Service Commission has shortlisted unemployed trained teachers to fill 9,000 vacancies that were advertised recently.

The number of unemployed trained teachers in the country stands at 350,000.

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The high number of trained teachers eyeing only 9,000 teaching posts reveals the sorry state of unemployment in the country.

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will take place between July 22 and July 28 and the successful applicants are expected to report on September 1.

The commission has already sent the merit lists to TSC county directors. County bosses have also distributed merit lists to sub county directors who will supervise the interviews that will be done in stipulated venues in each sub county across the country.

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Prospective secondary school teachers will have the privilege of securing employment in the school they applied for while primary school teachers will be posted in any part of the country and not necessarily in the county where they will be recruited.

Applicants will face interviewing panels consisting of chair of the board of management, secretary of the Board (the principal), a subject specialist and the TSC county director, or a representative.

After county selection exercises and interviews have been conducted, the commission will allow applicants who might have been dissatisfied with the whole process to present their complaints between July 29 and August 6, which will be addressed at the county level.

Where the complaint is levelled against the TSC County Director, the TSC Headquarters shall investigate the allegations and take appropriate action

Teachers serving under the internship are the greatest beneficiary in the recent recruitment exercise since they will get a 30-mark head start according to the TSC score sheet. However, the puzzle lies how the selection panel award the 30 marks so as not to disadvantage the senior interns who were recruited in 2019.

The teachers’ employer’s move to award more marks to interns is a clear indication that no teacher will secure a permanent and pensionable job before serving as an intern.

When the commission first introduced the internship programme in 2019, many teachers avoided and stayed away from it as the interns only earned a stipend of Sh10,000 (for primary school teachers) and Sh15,000 for secondary. This has, however, been raised by Sh5,000 for each category.

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