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TSC Interdicts 5 Teachers Captured Coercing Pupils to engage in Indecent Acts Depicting Homosexuality

TSC interdicts five teachers who allegedly coerced pupils to engage in indecent acts depicting homosexuality at Itumbe DOK primary school in Kisii; one handed show cause letter.

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Here is interdiction letter presented to Headteacher

I am directed by the Teachers Service Commission to so that. It is alleged that you breached clause(c) (i) of the Third Schedule of the TSC Act No. 20 Of 2012 and in that while a teacher at ltumbe DOK Primary School, Nyamache Sub County in Kisii County On 1 February, 2023, you instructed and/or coerced the following learners (particulars listed below) of Itumbe DOK Primary School to engage in an indecent/inappropriate acts depicting homosexuality within the School compound.

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1. Alfonse Obama- Grade 2.

2. Walter Marumbe-Grade2

3. Joash Sandara Grade 2

4. Enick Mokua, Grade 2

5. LUCy Gesare, Grade 2

6. Peter Makori. -Grade 2

i) You actively participated, aided and/or abated the recording of a video footage of the minors who pursuant to your coercion were engaged in acts depicting  homosexuality and circulated the same on social media hence causing trauma, psychological/mental torture and embarrassment to the minors refrred in sub clause (i) above.

2. You breached Clause? (1) of the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Teachers in that on 1s February, 2023. you exposed the learners whose particulars are out in clause 1 () to indecent sexual acts by directing them to engage in inappropriate acts depicting homosexuality within the School compound.

Consequently, you are hereby interdicted with effect from 2nd February, 2023.

Before the commission proceeds to consider and determine your case 1.

  • You are invited to make a defence statement/response to the Commission in writing within 21 days from the date of this letter.
  • You will be given an opportunity to be heard by the Commission in person
  • Indicate the nearest TSC Sub-County office where you will be required to report once month:
  • Present any other evidence including documents in support of your case
  • Vacate office and continue fo be away:
  • Provide your contact address, email and telephone number:
  • Forfeit your annual leave:

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