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TSC in trouble as KNUT plans nationwide strike starting 17 October

Kenya national union of teachers KNUT secretary general has threatened to lead teachers in downing their tools on 17 October if TSC fails to comply to teachers’ demands.

Mr. Sossion has promised to call for a nationwide strike that will paralyse national exams scheduled to start later this month.

Last week KNUT and TSC held a retreat that was unfruitful. The five-day retreat was meant to iron out pressing issues affecting teachers. Unfortunately, the retreat botched up on the third day after the TSC refused to revoke transfers of 85 school heads as demanded by the union.


The union is championing for promotion of teachers upon attaining higher qualifications, but TSC has refused to bow down to this demand. TSC is insisting that promotion of teachers will be output based and not higher qualifications.

Knut National Chairman Wycliffe Omucheyi said TSC has no other option but to heed to calls from the union to promote teachers who have qualified and stop asking teachers to sign the appraisal forms if national exams have to be conducted smoothly.

“Let the employer know that all teachers are facing the same problems and when the whistle will be blown, they will all come out and down their tools,” said Mr Omucheyi


Delocalisation of heads of schools was the main reason that lead to the collapse the Naivasha retreat. Sossion has faulted delocalisation policy as its meant to weaken union.

“TSC has silently transferred 110 union officials from different parts of the country to weaken KNUT, but we shall not be cowed,” Said Sossion.

Last month President Uhuru ordered review of delocalisation policy so as to protect affected families. TSC is yet to comply to this directive.

“If TSC will heed our demands, we shall comply, but if they will choose to defy us, we shall blow the whistle and call all teachers including the examiners to industrial action so that national examinations will be interrupted,” Mr Sossion said.
Mr Sossion challenged the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers to join hands with Knut in fighting for the rights of teachers, saying that for the teachers to deliver quality education, the sector must be united.

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