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TSC Directs County Bosses To Submit TPAD Appraisal Reports Urgently

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has revealed that 341,760 teachers undertook the TPAD appraisal process in term 3, 2021. This was an increase from 336,843 in the previous term

Notably the completion rate has steadily increased from 287,400 in term 1 2021 to 319,584 in term 3, 2021.

However, it should be noted that a significant number of teachers were not able to complete the process, that is 22,607 teachers representing 6.61% that had their appraisals pending at various

stages. Noticeably;

  • 4,703 teachers did not complete appraising themselves.
  • 5,829 had submitted their appraisal, but were not appraised by the appraisers.
  • 6,059 teachers were awaiting countersigning.

The attached report shows the above analysis broken down per county for all the counties. It also shows the percentage rate of completion per county.

TSC has directed County Directors to give feedback report on:

i) .Reasons for non-compliance in their county of jurisdiction.

ii) List of teachers who have not yet been captured in the TPAD system stating the reason.

iii)  List of schools that may be missing in the appraisal system.

iv) . Reasons why the appraisers/countersigners are disadvantaging teachers who had already completed their part in the process.

v) .Mechanisms and/or intention measures deployed to ensure 100% compliance with the Appraisal process.

vi. Suggestions on how to further improve the online 3C75 system.

All the County Directors are required to submit a second report detailing;

The status of PC signing and updating of operational work plan for the current year.

An overall summary report on the PC, M & E Termly and annual progress reports from all the institutions under your jurisdiction.

Kindly, the feedback report should reach the undersigned by 20th July, 2022.

Furthermore, county bosses have been urged to ensure that County Director and Sub-County Directors give individual school reports or appraisal to the Head of Institution.

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