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TSC Adopts Unified Payroll Number (UPN) On Payroll

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has adopted Unified Payroll Number (UPN) On Payroll. This is inline with the directive of the Head of the Public Service last year on August.

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On 4th August 2022, the Head of the Public Service communicated the decision by the National Government to all Public Service entities to adopt an integrated Human Resource System known as the Unified Human Resource System (UHR). The system shall be a shared platform for Public Sector Human Resource related data including payroll information.

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The initiative towards an integrated data platform follows recommendations of the CARPS Report (2015), that proposed among other things, the implementation of a “Unified Human Resource and Payroll Number generating system (UHR and IJPN) for the Public Service”.

All public servants shall be issued with a permanent unique identification number under the Unified Payroll Numbers (UPN) Allocation System.

To this end, with effect from March 2023, TSC has issued all its employees including teachers (on its payroll) with a uPN number. Both the TSC/EmpIoyment number and the UPN, referred to as payroll Number on the T-Pay System, are indicated on the Employee’s Pay slip.

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