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Teacher Service Commission-TSC Mass Recruitment 2018,TSC 100% Transition Letters of Employment Offer & Shortage of Teachers in Public Sector

TSC Employment to address 100% of primary to secondary and Letter of employment offer

TSC has come out to be unpredictable in terms of how it operates and handle its activities. A good example is how it kept people waiting for employment of teachers who were meant to address 100% transition from primary level to secondary level. Initially this employment was to take place early January,2018 but surprisingly it took place in the month of may,2018 and what’s annoying most is how the offer of employment letters are being released.

Up to now, countable of teachers have received their offer of employment letters countrywide. Defensible the letters have delayed because of a big number of teachers who were recruited and also the tedious process of confirming and counter checking all document has led to delaying of these letters.

TSC Mass Recruitment 2018

Most unemployed trained teachers are anxiously waiting for this exercise day and night. The puzzle that has remained unsolved is whether TSC is planning to carry out mass recruitment this year? This is the question that has given unemployed trained teachers sleepless nights.

It is important to remember that while reading the 2018/2019 budget in Parliament, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich stated that the government had set aside Sh5 billion for the recruitment of additional teachers. The initiative was expected to increase the teacher-student ratio. This therefore means that lack of funds to recruit more teachers apart from replacements should not be an excuse from teacher employer-Teacher Service Commission.

Shortage of Teachers in public teaching sector

According to TSC Chief Executive,

Mrs Macharia primary schools are short of 40,972 teachers, while the secondary ones are grappling with a shortfall of 63,849. The campaign to achieve a 100 per cent transition rate from primary to secondary schools also created the need for some 50,789 more teachers for four years.
To date, the commission has in its register more than 291, 785 teachers who are unemployed. This figure outweighs the total shortage of teachers in the public institutions


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