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Sergeant Police of Kenya; Duties & responsibilities an requirement for appointment

Duties and Responsibilities

An officer at this rank may be deployed at the Kenya Police Service (KPS) Headquarters, County or in any of the following formations/unit:- General Service Unit, Kenya Police College, Traffic Department, Anti Stock Theft Unit, Kenya Airport Police Unit, Presidential Escort, Kenya Railway Police, Diplomatic Police Unit, Marine Police Unit, Tourist Police Unit, Police Dog Unit.

Headquarters, Formations and Units

Duties and responsibilities at this rank will entail:- supervising Constables and Corporals; parade duties; being in-charge of police lines and armoury; visiting and preserving scenes of crime; deploying and ensuring lower rank officers attend to their duties; ensuring safe custody of police records; preparing morning call-ups and evening briefs; compiling crime returns; receiving and dispatching correspondences; performing driving duties; interrogating suspects and interviewing witnesses and/or victims; performing band duties; investigating crimes; bonding of witnesses; inspecting camps and personnel; preparing duty rooster; ensuring messages/signals are safe from unauthorized access; in-charge discipline; performing orderly sergeant duties; being in-charge of transport; and being in-charge police lines/camps.


Duties and responsibilities at this rank when deployed within a county will entail:- patrolling and curbing crimes; receiving and compiling nominal rolls; being in-charge of patrol base; detecting and investigating crimes; performing traffic duties such as controlling traffic flow and investigating traffic offences among others; tracking and recovering stolen motor vehicles; directing police boats as a Coxswain; organizing sea and land patrols along the beaches; supervising the repairing and maintenance of equipment; carrying out VIP coverage duties; developing daily, weekly and monthly crime reports; planning daily duties of the platoon; organizing field operations; being in-charge of escort; being in-charge of armoury; undertaking platoon sergeant duties; reporting cases of indiscipline of officers under him/her; responding to distress calls; and attending to radio calls and disseminating information.

In addition, the officer will be responsible for driving government vehicles, motorcycles and boats; being in-charge of a police post; deploying officers in lower ranks; preparing duty rosters; being in-charge police transport; assigning specific cases to officers; issuing and receiving police fire arms; undertaking station orderly duties; undertaking personnel welfare duties; ensuring maintenance and cleanliness of police quarters; coordinating the delivery of case files to court; escorting victims of gender based violence; taking care of prisoners in police custody; interrogating suspects and interviewing witnesses and/or victims; being in-charge escort and court orderlies; in-charge police lines, armoury, discipline and camps; performing morning call-ups and evening briefs; being in-charge of stores and keeping safe custody of exhibits; preparing duty rooster; responding to distress calls; and protecting government buildings, vital installations and hoisting of flags.

Duties and responsibilities will also entail:- arresting offenders; coordinating 999 Mobile Patrol Crew; visiting and analyzing scenes of crime; organizing and conducting raids; organizing beats and patrols; performing search of premises, persons, vessels and aircrafts; organizing and conducting raids ambushes and special operations;

Training Institutions

Duties and responsibilities of an officer deployed at a NPS Training Institution will entail:- performing day orderly duties by taking care of daily events; training and instructing course participants; being in charge of armoury and stores; supervising junior officers; planning daily duties of the platoon or squad; carrying out camp and personnel inspection; performing field operations; keeping messages/signals safe from unauthorized access; performing administrative duties within a platoon; performing parade duties; dispatching correspondences; preparing duty rooster, allocating duties and deployment of junior officers; in charge of Police welfare; repairing and maintaining police equipment and undertaking kitting of the recruits.

Requirements for Appointment for sergeant police of Kenya

For appointment to this rank, an officer must have:-

  • served in the rank of a Corporal of Kenya Police for a minimum period of three (3) years;
  • successfully Completed Corporal to Sergeant’s /Platoon Sergeant Promotion Course lasting not less than three (3) months;
  • no disciplinary conviction or adverse report in the last six (6) months;
  • passed four (4) Police Law Examination; and
  • met the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 on Leadership and Integrity and Article 232 on Values and Principles of Public Service.

Note: In addition, an officer at this rank will be required to undergo any of the skills upgrading courses stipulated in Clause 10 of these Guidelines.

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