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Pooling of term two games Kenya Secondary Schools National Competition 2019

The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association, KSSSA, has released pooling of term two games 2019. Kisumu boys in Kisumu County, will play host to 2019 Nationals that will be held from 26th July to 4th August, 2019.

Each team is expected to set its best foot forward in order to emerge victorious in term two games that features Volleyball, Soccer, netball and racquet games.

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Since North Eastern region do not present soccer girls in both under 16 and under 19, the hosting region (Nyanza) will enjoy a privilege of having to teams in the aforementioned category.

Here is 2019 Kenya Secondary Schools term 2 Games- National pooling

Eight regions are involved thus making it easier for two pools (A and B) in each category.

Volleyball- Girls

Pool APool B
Western- Bishop SulumetiNorth Eastern
Rift Valley-CheptilCoast- St. Johns Kaloleni
Nyanza- SegaEastern- Kwanthanze
NairobiCentral- Pasenga


Volleyball- Boys

Pool APool B
Central- TetuWestern- Namwela
Rift Valley-LelmokwoNairobi
Coast- ShimoniNorth Eastern
Nyanza- MogongaEastern- Mutewa High


Soccer Girls- Under 16

Pool APool B
Nyanza 1- UgariNyanza 2- Kobala
Rift Valley-WiyetaWestern- Maeni Girls
CentralEastern- Itaara Girls
NairobiCoast- Waa Girls


Soccer Boys- Under 16

Pool APool B
Rift Valley-GosetaNorth Eastern
Western- KoyonzoNairobi
CoastNyanza- Agoro Sare
CentralEastern- Machakos Boys


Soccer Girls- Under 19

Pool APool B
Nyanza 1- NyakachNyanza 2- Gesero
NairobiWestern- Arch Bishop Njenga
Eastern- KarugwaCoast- Kwale Girls
Rift Valley-ItigoCentral


Soccer Boys- Under 19

Pool APool B
Coast- Shimba HillsNairobi
North EasternWestern- St. Peters Mumias
Rift Valley- St. AnthonyEastern- Mbooni Boys
Central- OlbolsatNyanza- Kisumu Boys



Pool APool B
Central-Nyanza- Nyakach Girls
NairobiWestern- Bukokholo
Coast- Kaya TiwiEastern- Syumile
North EasternRift Valley-Cheptil

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