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Pesa Zone Loan App, Pesa Zone Loan Limit,Pesa Zone Activation fee,How to Request Pesa zone Loan,Pesa Zone Playbill Number and Contacts

What is PesaZone Loan App

PesaZone is an online lender providing small loans in 24 hours to help trustworthy individuals who are in need of cash. To get more information visit www.pesazone.com

PesaZone Loan Limit Computation

Loan limit is determined by ones credit score based on ones current information concerning CRB (Credit Reference Bureau)Reports and M-Pesa transactions history. Just like other credit institutions, PesaZone has an internal criteria of determining who to offer a loan since it only provide loans to selected applicants who meet this criteria.

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10 Bob Activation Fee

Once one qualifies for a loan, will be prompted to pay a one time activation fee of KSh. 10 via M-Pesa. This fee is not refundable The the loan amount you qualify for will then be displayed. Currently, the highest loan amount is KSh. 15,000/=

How to request PesaZone loan

  • Move the slider to adjust the amount, then pick the repayment period (e.g. 2 Weeks). The loan terms will then be displayed; this includes the weekly repayment amounts and the applicable weekly interest rate.
  • Then select the loan details or the Request Loan option to view the payment terms including the weekly installments. If you accept the loan terms and our User Agreement, you may submit the loan request. You should receive the cash via M-Pesa on the verified phone number within 24 hours.

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How to repay PesaZone Loan Paybill Number

To repay your loan, use the M-Pesa Paybill number 754285 and provide the account number as the phone number you registered with in the local format. e.g. 0712345678. You may also use the App to view the balance and the repayment instructions.

PesaZone Contacts

To ensure efficiency, PesaZone provide support services online; their customer service team is accessible online via the Chat option available on the App (Messages), or by emailing us via support@pesazone.com. PesaZone do not provide service over phone calls or via office visits.

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