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Parliament Orders TSC To Transfer Delocalized Teachers Home

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has been put to task  by Parliament to immediately stop the punitive delocalization policy and retransfer those already affected back to their home counties.

Through a motion dubbed “Review of Teacher Deployment Policy” sponsored by Lurambi MP Titu Khamala, members of Parliament speak in one voice against forceful delocalization of heads of institutions.

Members of Parliament urged teachers’ employer (TSC) to come up with a plan that will see newly recruited teachers being posted within their home counties saying delocalization policy has disrupted conducive working environment for teachers which is key for enhancing performance.

“This House resolves that the Teachers Service Commission immediately reverses the ongoing delocalization of teachers and initiates a comprehensive review of the teacher deployment policy with the involvement of teachers in order to make the policy consistent with International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO laws and practices on teacher management and deployment,” read the recommendations.

Delocalization of school heads started  in January 2017 where newly recruited teachers were posted outside their county of employment.

However, it is the year 2018 when the programme touched school headteachers and principals that it caused an uproar and a standoff between teachers unions and TSC.

According to findings by the National Assembly the policy was not well thought out as it causes excruciating pain to teachers thus killing their morale for teaching.

“The delocalization of teachers commenced in 2018 by the Teachers Service Commission immensely disrupted teachers’ lives, lowered teacher morale and caused untold trauma to many teachers countrywide,” reads the findings.

“The exercise was not supported with a clear policy framework and was initiated without the participation of teachers or their unions, contrary to Articles 118 and 132 of the Constitution on public participation and involvement of the people in the process of policy making,” reads the findings.

It also says TSC went against international recommended practices for deploying and transferring teachers.

“Delocalization of teachers is inconsistent with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) teacher deployment practice, which treats education as a culture process conducted within a people’s cultural context at the local level,” reads the findings.

Ending teacher delocalization programme is one of President William Ruto’s big promises to teachers during campaigns.

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