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Over 1,000 Needy Households In Isiolo Receive Food Donations From Mama Ibado Charity During Ramadan

Needy Muslim households in Isiolo County are joyous after Mama Ibado Charity began a four-day relief food donation targeting them. The move will cushion and alleviate hunger as they observe the Holy month of Ramadan.

Overall, the charitable organisation will be distributing relief food supplies to between 200-300 people daily. This will be executed in strict compliance to Covid-19 guidelines.

Residents from Bulapesa, Shambani, Kambi Odha, Kambi ya juu, Tuluroba and Kiwanjani villages of Isiolo County will be among the main Muslim households  that will benefit from donations.

According to Leyla Mohamed, who is a Field Officer at Mama Ibado Charity the most vulnerable members of the society are being targeted in the relief food donation.

She said: “Lives of Muslims from poor backgrounds during the current holy month of Ramadan had been made even harder by the adverse effects of COVID-19 that has led to closure of businesses and the subsequent loss of jobs,”.

Isiolo Central location Chief Abdi Dida who manned the food distribution exercise said that the hunger situation for most households in the location that covers Isiolo town has reached distressing levels.

Mr. Dida heaped praises on the charitable organization for the kind move to cushion vulnerable Kenyans especially during this time when Muslims are observing the holy month of Ramadhan.

“Other organizations and even individuals who have plenty should emulate the gesture shown by Mama Ibado Charity and share with the less privileged members of the community,” he said.

The donees received a diversity of food stuffs including maize and wheat flour, rice, pasta, sugar, tea leaves, salt and cooking oil. They sang praises of the move by the charitable foundation to cushion them during the current hard times.

Halima Nguzo, who is one of the residents of Bulapesa area happily said that the food received was enough to feed her household for the remainder of the holy month of Ramadan.

Residents of Isiolo also urged the government and other organizations take the example of the Mama Ibado Charity to see to it that more vulnerable Kenyans benefit from similar relief food donation exercises.

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