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Only 4,567 P1 TSC Teachers Are Qualified To Teach Junior Secondary Schools

As students in Grade Seven arrive to school today, signaling the commencement of the second phase of the Competency-Based Curriculum, Junior Secondary is finally here (CBC).

The government is yet to release the promised capitation of Sh15,000 for each pupil, which poses a number of challenges for execution, including a lack of finance and inadequate facilities.

Students will report to the schools without government support even though the ministry has promised to distribute capitation to all public elementary schools for the first term this week. The State has stated that it intends to invest Sh9.6 billion, with Sh15,000 allotted for each student, of which Sh4,000 will be used to enhance school infrastructure development.


Another issue that many schools are dealing with is teacher shortage. However, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is now hiring 35,000 more teachers.

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TSC will deploy primary teachers with diplomas and degree certifications to teach in junior secondary while addressing the teacher shortage.

Only 4,567 primary school teachers, according to TSC data, are certified to teach JSS. All parents and guardians of students in Grade 7 were advised by Education CS Machogu to make sure their kids report to school today. Around 32,555 primary schools exist in the nation, 24,000 of which are public institutions.

Sharing resources

Regarding infrastructure, there are still concerns about whether there is enough acreage, classrooms, and laboratories, as well as a sufficient supply of water and electricity, to support junior high and high schools (JSS).

For instance, in locations where they are underprivileged, schools will co-share resources with their neighbors. The Ministry of Education stated that the collaboration will make it particularly easy to teach practical disciplines like integrated science, agriculture, computer science, home science, and the visual and performing arts.

Playing fields, open areas, and equipment for sports, games, and physical activity are further common amenities.

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