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Office of Directorate of Operations Audit: Duties and sections

The office of director operations audit’s headed by the director who reports to the IG. The following offices are built on this directorate which works towards service delivery within the NPS.
Major Duties and Responsibilities:
• Facilitate Development of NPS Service standards and Service Charter
• Facilitate and coordinate development of NPS policies and guidelines to cover all operational areas
• Develop annual budgets and ensure effective and efficient allocation of resources to areas of priority in operations
• Ensure standardisation of quality service delivery by clarifying procedures, documentation, establishment and strengthening of policing monitoring mechanisms, reporting and information collection and any other police work
• Coordinate effective mainstreaming of SSOs and other service cross-cutting issues
• Strengthen discipline procedures in collaboration with IAU and ensure impartial order-room proceedings, thorough investigations of cases and fair decisions against staff
• Establish standards for investigation of crimes and prosecution of cases and monitor the processes of crime justice mechanism
• Coordinate capacity building of staff in relevant operational areas to ensure achievement of set objectives
• Establish linkages across all the operations and management points using ICT (WAN & LAN)
• Operationalise modern crime management approaches using CCTV, GPRS and other technologies including voice cognition
• In liaison with HRM, ensure adequate  capacity building of all staff using various methodologies and approaches; on-the-job training; in-house training; initial entry training; induction training and exchange programmes among others
The sections under this directorate are:
1. Chief, Internal Security Bureau
2. National Policing Advisory
3. National Police Records and Archives Office
4. Police Intelligence Office
5. Manager, Public Affairs/Relations
6. Services Development office
7. Quality Assurance Office

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