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New bus termini for all vehicles after Matatu CBD ban

As the new matatu ban into the CBD takes effect 3rd December 2018, am going to keep you abreast with the new bus termini.

Its important to note that the move was announced through a gazette notice issued in May 12th, 2017, but has never been put in to practice due to disagreement between matatu operators and the county government.

  • All vehicles accessing the CBD from Waiyaki Way, Uhuru Highway, Kipande Road and Limuru Road will have their termini at Fig Tree terminal A.
  • PSVs accessing the CBD from Thika Road including Ruiru and Kiambu road will be stationed at Fig Tree terminal B.
  • Vehicles accessing the CBD using Juja Road, Ring road Ngara and Park Road will have their termini at Ngara Road terminus.
  • All urban and peri-urban routes from Ngong Road will remain at Railways terminus.
  • Those plying circular routes will be accessing all termini connecting to CBD and Upper Hill while diametric routes will use Central Bus Station.
  • Vehicles from Jogoo road will use Muthurwa terminus
  • Those from Mombasa road and Langata will have their station at Hakati terminus.
  • All high capacity vehicles from upcountry will use Machakos terminus.

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