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MOE Student Transfer Form and Admission Instructions 2024

Students who wish to transfer from one school to another are required to complete a transfer form for their requests to be considered.

No school shall admit a student without a letter of transfer signed by the SCDE, CDE and  Director Secondary Education & Special Programmes as the case may be.

For students who are seeking transfer within the Sub-County the authorizing officer shall be the  SCDE. 

Students seeking transfers from one County to another, the authorizing officer shall be the CDE, subject to recommendation from CDE. 

On the other hand students seeking transfers from one Region to another, they will seek authorization from the CDE, subject to recommendation from Regional Coordinator of Education (RCE)

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Transfers from one national school to another shall be authorized by the Director  Secondary Education and Special Programmes.

It is important to note that all Principals must give release letters to students seeking transfer to other schools stating very clearly the conduct of the students concerned. A Principal who covers up a student’s conduct  shall be held responsible for any subsequent problems. 

A school that may have a vacancy or vacancies to admit more students shall issue a transfer  letter signed by the principal to the student’s former school for the transfer process to begin. 

No transfer shall be carried out in the middle of the year except those under special  circumstances. 

Reasons that can instigate student transfer process include; Medical (attach medical report),  Performance,  Distance,  High Cost, Discipline among others.

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