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List of best performing Extra County Secondary schools in Nandi County

In Kenya, extra county schools fall in the second tier after national schools. In recent years, cases have emerged where extra county schools perform better than national school. Extra county secondary schools in Nandi county are grouped into three clusters; cluster one(C1), cluster two(C2) and cluster three (C3). Kapsabet Girls High School, Aldai Girls Secondary School, Samoei Boys Secondary School among other schools form cluster one schools in Nandi County.

1.29513101Kapsabet Girls High SchoolGirlsC1
2.29513308Our Lady of Victory Girls KapnyebGirlsC1
3.29513310Terige Secondary SchoolBoysC1
4.29523101Kemeloi Boys Secondary SchoolBoysC1
5.29523302Aldai Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC1
6.29523307Aic Chebisaas Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC1
7.29540104Stephen Kositany Girls’ High SchoolGirlsC1
8.29540201Kurgung Secondary SchoolBoysC1
9.29540202Laboret Boys High SchoolBoysC1
10.29541201Samoei Boys Secondary SchoolBoysC1
11.29542101Meteitei Boys Secondary SchoolBoysC1
12.29579701Lelmokwo High SchoolBoysC1
13.29579702Itigo Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC1
14.29513305Kilibwoni High SchoolBoysC2
15.29523103Serem Secondary SchoolBoysC2
16.29523308Kapkolei Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC2
17.29540102Cheptil Secondary SchoolMixedC2
18.29540205Ndalat Gaa Girls’ Secondary SchoolGirlsC2
19.29513204Holy Rosary Girls’ Secondary SchoolGirlsC3
20.29540204Tulwo Girls High SchoolGirlsC3
21.29541101Lelwak Secondary SchoolBoysC3
22.29541202Our Lady Of Peace Girls’ Secondary SchoolGirlsC3
23.29542102St.Mary’s Tach Asis Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC3


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