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List of best performing Extra County schools in Migori County

In Kenya, extra county schools fall in the second tier after national schools. In recent years, cases have emerged where extra county schools perform better than national school. Kanga High School and Moi Girls Nyabohanse are the national schools in Migori county. Extra county secondary schools in Migori county are grouped into three clusters; cluster one(C1), cluster two(C2) and cluster three (C3). Kadika Girls’ Secondary School, Migori Secondary School, Kanyawanga Secondary School among other schools form cluster one schools in Migori county.

Here is a list of best performing Extra County schools in Migori County

1.44707102Migori Secondary SchoolBoysC1
2.44707105Kadika Girls’ Secondary SchoolGirlsC1
3.44707106Nyabisawa Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC1
4.44708101Tarang’anya Boys High SchoolBoysC1
5.44717101Kanyawanga Secondary SchoolBoysC1
6.44717102Koderobara Secondary SchoolBoysC1
7.44729104Sori Secondary SchoolBoysC1
8.44736101St Joseph’s Rapogi Secondary SchoolBoysC1
9.44736203St. Pius Uriri High SchoolBoysC1
10.44739104St. Albert’s Girls High School, UlandaGirlsC1
11.44748016Isibania Boys Secondary SchoolBoysC1
12.44708102Ikerege Mixed Secondary SchoolMixedC2
13.44717107Oyugi Ogango Girls’ Secondary SchoolGirlsC2
14.44717108Kangeso Secondary SchoolBoyC2
15.44729106Bande Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC2
16.44736201Bware Secondary SchoolMixedC2
17.44739201St. Mary Gorrety’s Dede Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC2
18.44744102Moi Suba Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC2
19.44748004St Mary’s Mabera Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC2
20.44718202Nyaroha Girls Secondary SchoolGirlsC3
21.44739103Pe-Hill High SchoolBoysC3
22.44744101St Peter’s Abwao Secondary SchoolBoysC3


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