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KUCCPS Announces Grade A KCSE 2024 Courses and the Launch of an Application Portal

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) provided an update on the application of courses for 2024 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates.

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According to KUCCPS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mercy Wahome, students with A and A- (minus) grades were given first preference in applying for courses.

“Students who got A and A minus can sit for any programme.

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“They can choose any course under the sciences and arts category. They can do, you know, basically everything,” Wahome announced, while speaking at Kirinyaga University’s career day.

Due to KUCCPS’s predilection for top performance, students who received C+, B minus, B plain, or B+ will be limited to cluster points.

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While A and A minus students will be eligible for all courses, the remainder of the students will be denied access to in-demand courses based on their grades.

She did, however, explain that plans were being made to open the portal, which had been long overdue.

“When everything will be ready, all stakeholders will be notified,” Wahome stated.

She also stated that notices would be distributed through the KUCCP’s official website and social media channels.

The CEO of KUCCPS also encouraged students to work closely with teachers in selecting courses that they were passionate about.

Her remarks came just days after the organization announced that only KCSE 2023 students would be eligible to apply for undergraduate courses.

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