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KNEC Pays 2021 KCPE, KCSE Exam Personnel; Examiners Yet To Be Paid

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has  paid thousands invigilators, security officers and drivers who administered the 2021 national tests in March and April.

According to a reliable source, The council on Friday wired the allowances to 86,026 personnel involved in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams.

However, teachers who participated in the marking exercise will have to wait a little longer before their dues are processed.

Personnel that were involved in the manning of both KCPE and KCSE 2021 include, Centre managers (Principals and Headteachers), invigilators, supervisor, drivers and security officers.

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Primary school head served as Centre Managers for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, exams were paid a daily allowance of Sh500; for a total of 4 days (including rehearsal day).

During the tests, 9,982 centre managers, 10,102 supervisors, 44,614 invigilators and 19,328 security officers were involved. Over the years, contracted officials have complained over delayed payments. Many of them have taken to social media to vent their frustrations.

Knec CEO David Njeng’ere said that it takes the council time to get and verify data on the contracted professionals before paying them.

Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education (KCPE)

Contracted ProfessionalRegionPer Day (Ksh)Total DaysTotal Pay
Centre ManagerAll Regions50042,000
InvigilatorAll Regions53831,614
SupervisorAll Regions62142,484

Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE)

Centre ManagerAll Regions500189,000
InvigilatorNairobi, Mombasa580179,860
InvigilatorOther Regions460177,820
SupervisorNairobi, Mombasa6951812,510
SupervisorOther Regions6301811,340
Security OfficerAll Regions620166,720
DriverAll Regions405166,480


Deputy Principals & Head teachers, Science Teachers

Unfortunately, KNEC failed to factor payment for Deputy Head Teachers and Deputy Principals despite the fact that their presence play vital role during examination period as assistant Centre Managers.

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