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KNEC CBA Assessment Tools – Project

These are tools used to collect information on competencies (knowledge, skills, values and attitudes) acquired by a learner during or after learning session or period.

A variety of tools can be used to assess learners with disabilities undertaking the Stage Based Pathway and whose tasks are performance based. The classroom assessment should be carried out in the learner’s natural environment.

Teachers are encouraged to develop simple classroom assessment tools to assess
their learners after covering a lesson, sub strand(s), strand(s) as may be appropriate. This will enhance the practice of formative assessment.

In this post we shall discuss the project as a CBA Assessment tool.

A project is a set of activities implemented  within a set timeframe with a clear start and  end time. It should have a clearly stated  purpose and set of objectives. Learners will  be encouraged to initiate individual or group  projects that may earn them income.

The  project gives an opportunity to learners to  apply their acquired knowledge and   transferable skills to a real life situation.  Learners could be challenged to identify a  need in their community where they can  provide services based on what they have  learned. The project will encourage learners  to learn through their own investigations  rather than through passive absorption of the  teacher’s words. 


Task: Explore the environment for appropriate income generating activity. 

Suggested activities

a) Identify a viable income generating  activity for the class within the school.  

b) Analyze income generating activities  within the school environment.  

c) Decide on a workable income generating activity for the class.  

d) Develop interest in income generating  activities within the school  environment.  

e) Plan for an income generating  activity for the class.  

f) Participate in initiating the class  income generating activity.  

g) Participate in the management of the  class income generating activity. 

h) Appreciate individual efforts in the  success of a group activity. 

In groups of 4-6 members, develop assessment tools for the project. One member of the group  to present the tools in a plenary session.  

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