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KNEC CBA Assessment Tools – Checklists

These are tools used to collect information on competencies (knowledge, skills, values and attitudes) acquired by a learner during or after learning session or period.

A variety of tools can be used to assess learners with disabilities undertaking the Stage Based Pathway and whose tasks are performance based. The classroom assessment should be carried out in the learner’s natural environment.

Teachers are encouraged to develop simple classroom assessment tools to assess
their learners after covering a lesson, sub strand(s), strand(s) as may be appropriate. This will enhance the practice of formative assessment.

In this post we shall look into Checklists as a CBA Assessment tool.

Checklists contain a list of characteristics of  a learner’s behaviour and require the teacher  to carefully observe and tick the  competencies (knowledge, skills, values and  attitudes) portrayed.  

Development and use of a checklist  

Components of a checklist include: 

1. preliminary information;  

  1. learning activity/task derived from  the learning experience;
  2. competence/skill/characteristic or behaviour assessed: derived from the  specific learning outcome;
  3. teachers comments/feedback.

Example of a Checklist  

Learners can also be helped to develop and  use their own checklists to monitor their  progress in self and peer assessments.  

a) Preliminary information
1. School 
2. Teacher’s name 
3. Grade 
4. Learning Area 
5. Strand 
6. Sub-strand 
7. Date or period of assessment 
b) Learning Activity/Task 
No. Name Competence (Knowledge, skills, attitude, values) assessed (tick appropriately) 
Participates in choral  

rote reciting of alphabet 

Contributes orally to  







Using a model  and working in  pairs, puts  


flashcards in  


Uses finger for  tracking on a  model while  

class recites  




Nyabile      
Farida     
Adam     
Learner’s signatureDate 
Teacher’s signatureDate 

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