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KNEC Announces KCPE, KCSE Certificates are Ready For Collection At Schools

Kenya National Examination Council, KNEC has informed the parents / Guardians and students who sat their national exams in 2020  that all their certificates  have been sent to schools ready for collection.

In a statement, the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) urged the candidates to go to their former learning  institutions to collect them.

KNEC  announcement states that “the 2020 KCPE and KCSE certificates have already been delivered to schools.”

All the  Sub County Directors of Education (SCDE) offices received the 2020 KCPE/KCSE certificates last week.

“The 2020 KCPE/KCSE certificates have been delivered to the Sub County Directors’ of Education (SCDE) Offices. School heads can now collect their respective certificates from the SCDEs offices,” stated KNEC in a statement.

Every School administrator has been told to  pick up their individual certificates from the SCDE’s offices.

The council has also  suggested that students who may have any  inquiries should  go to the KNEC portal.

The declaration states that inquiries “shall be logged using KNEC Query Management Information System(QMIS) in case of any non-conformity.”

It is important to note that that Following the disruption of the school calendar caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the exams were administered in March 2021.

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