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KICD Invites Applications for Editing of 18 Grade 4 Indigenous Languages Course Books

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum development (KICD) is inviting expressions of interest (EOI) from consultants for the final editing of Grade 4 Indigenous Languages Course Books in 18 indigenous languages.

These languages include;

  1. Lubukusu 
  2.  Maa 
  3.  Chidigo 
  4.  Chiduruma 
  5.  Kipokomo 
  6.  Gikuyu 
  7.  Ekegusii 
  8.  Somali 
  9.  Kituweta 
  10.  Suba 
  11. Kikamba 
  12. Kigiriama 
  13. Borana
  14. Kitharaka 
  15. Ngaturkana 
  16. Lulogooli
  17. Kalenjin 
  18. Dholuo

Interested eligible applicants should show proof of capacity for development of materials in indigenous Languages, translation and/or orthography of the same.

According to KICD, those intending to submit bids are required to give their particulars to KICD Procurement office at procurement@kicd.ac.ke for the purpose of receiving any clarification on service provision.

The same documents should be endorsed in a plain sealed envelope marked with tender name and reference number and be deposited in the Tender Bar located at the Reception of KICD NACECE Resource Centre, Ground floor addressed to


 The documents should reach KICD on or before 13 July, 2021, at 10.00 a.m. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the Candidates or their representatives who choose to attend the opening at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, NACECE Resource Centre Youth, Women and Persons with disability are encouraged to participate.

Please note that late bids will not be accepted

KICD Contacts

  • Desai Rd off Muranga Road, Po Box 3023100100 Nairobi Kenya
  • Tel+2540729327331 and 0203749900,
  • EMail:info@kicd.ac.ke
  • Webite: www.kicd.ac.ke 

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