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Kenya police Constables;Duties,career progression/requirements for appointment

An officer at this rank may be deployed at the Kenya Police Service (KPS) Headquarters, County or in any of the following formations/unit:- General Service Unit, Kenya Police College, Traffic Department, Anti Stock Theft Unit, Kenya Airport Police Unit, Presidential Escort, Kenya Railway Police, Diplomatic Police Unit, Marine Police Unit, Tourist Police Unit, Police Dog Unit.

KPS Headquarters and Formations/Units

Duties and responsibilities at this rank will entail:- writing crime reports; recording statements; drafting charge-sheets; serving summons and enforcing court warrants; bonding of witnesses and giving evidence in court; marking and preserving exhibits; performing court orderly duties; taking files to court; taking care/custody of prisoners; performing customer care desk duties such as receiving and directing reportees to the relevant offices; ensuring safe custody of records; collecting, processing and disseminating information; investigating crimes; effecting lawful arrests and denying arrested persons liberty in a Police cell; performing traffic duties such as traffic flow control, directing motor vehicles and investigating traffic cases; undertaking report office duties; interrogating suspects and interviewing victims and witnesses; maintaining Police camps and police premises’ hygiene; servicing police arms; typing, printing and dispatching of various correspondences; hoisting of flags; undertaking rescue operations; searching vehicles, buildings, premises, aircrafts, vessels and persons; carrying out riot and crowd control; performing guard/sentry duties; responding to distress calls; collecting intelligence; protecting V.I.Ps; undertaking beats and patrols; guarding and securing government buildings and vital installations; screening people entering airports and public places; driving government vehicles or motorcycles/boats; checking for vehicles’ serviceability; tracking and recovering stolen motor vehicles; repairing and maintenance of equipment; tracking down stolen stock; performing disarmament duties; performing band duties, providing escort duties; performing security surveillance on persons, premises, vehicles, aircrafts and vessels; undertaking horse riding; and carrying out beats and patrols.


Duties and responsibilities at the county will entail:- performing various parade duties; performing court orderly and sentry duties; manning report and inquiry offices; driving police vehicles, motorcycles and boats; investigating crimes, arresting offenders; compiling case files; taking and recording statements; executing warrants and serving summons; visiting and preserving scenes of crime; tracking and recovering stolen motor vehicles; handling and processing crimes; collecting intelligence; interrogating crime suspects; bonding witnesses; taking exhibits to court; receiving and transmitting correspondences; escorting victims of rape and defilement to hospital; liaising with children’s offices to support abused children; performing customer care desk duties; updating crime statistics; compiling nominal rolls; taking fingerprints; attending to gender matters; interrogating suspects and interviewing witnesses and/or victims; responding to distress calls; maintaining and repair of equipment; taking care of police animals such as dogs and horses; hoisting of flags and preparing charge sheets; undertaking bomb disposal; undertaking beats and patrols; preventing proliferation of illicit brews; performing escort duties; undertaking rescue operations; and carrying out bomb detonation.

Training Institutions

Duties and responsibilities of an officer deployed in the Training Institution will entail: performing instructional and training duties; supervising fatigue; making schemes of work and lesson plans; undertaking beats and patrols; undertaking driving duties; performing band duties; setting and marking of examinations/assignments; documenting recruits’ information; performing guard duties; undertaking bungler duties; performing recruits’ inspection; and repairing and maintaining of equipment.

Requirements for Appointment

For recruitment and appointment to the rank of Constable of Kenya Police a candidate must:-

  • have Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade of D+ and above from Kenya National Examination Council or its equivalent qualification from a recognized examining body;


  • have a Bachelor’s Degree in any of the following Fields:- Criminology, Law, Police Science, Education, Security Management and Police Work, Public Administration, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Peace Building Conflict Management, Physical Education, Music, Media and Public Relations, Sociology, Risk and Disaster Management, or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;
  • have undergone Basic Police Training Course lasting not less than nine (9) months;
  • be a Kenyan citizen;
  • be physically and medically fit;
  • be between the age 18 and 28 years and 30 years for graduates;
  • be in possession of a National Identity Card;
  • have no criminal record;
  • passed an aptitude test; and
  • met the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 on Leadership and Integrity and Article 232 on Values and Principles of Public Service.

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