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KCSE D+ Courses In Kenya Medical Training College – KMTC

The Kenya Medical Training College, KMTC, is arguably the most preferred institution when it comes to medical courses.

The college offers wide range of courses including; higher diploma or postbasics, diploma, certificate and short courses.

Most certificate courses require KCSE Mean grade of C – (Minus). However, there are certificate courses which require a KCSE Mean grade of D+ (plus).

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In this write up we are going to delve deeply into KMTC certificate courses that a student who scored D+ (plus) can pursue.

It is important to note that certificate courses take 2 years except for Community Health Nursing which takes 2 1/2 years. Diploma courses courses take 3 Years.

1. Health Promotion for the Deaf (CHPD), deaf students only

This course is found under Department of Health Promotion and Community Health. Here are requirements;

  • KCSE Mean Grade D+, with D+ in English or Kiswahili or Kenya Sign Language,
  • D in Biology and any one of the following: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Social Studies or C.R.E/I.R.E

It takes two years to pursue Health Promotion for the Deaf (CHPD).

2. Health Records and Information Technology (In service category)

The course is found under the Department of Health Records and Information Technology. This course takes two years and it requires one to have the following requirements;

  • KCSE Mean grade D+, with D+ in English or Kiswahili, D- in Mathematics.
  • Working experience of 2 years in a Health Records and Information Department.
  • Recommendation letter from Health Records and Information Officer in charge of the facility & Letter of appointment to the current position.

3. Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics falls under the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. A student pursuing this course will take two years to complete it.

Here are the requirements to pursue this course:

  • KCSE Aggregate Grade D+, with D+ in English or Kiswahili and Biology or Biological Sciences.
  • D in Chemistry/Physical Sciences.
  • D in any one of the following: Physics, Mathematics, General Science, Home Science, Agriculture or Business Studies.

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