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How to test for presence of Mercury and Copper in Sugar in your kitchen

With recent news concerning presence of mercury in sugar, it important to take precaution measures before consuming any sugar. Mercury is dangerous to human body and can cause fatal damage to ones health.

Remember that effects of mercury on the nervous, digestive and immune systems, lungs and kidneys, are very fatal.

There is no need to worry anymore because the good news is that from your kitchen you can now conveniently test the presence of both mercury and copper in sugar.

How to test for mercury in Sugar

  • Dissolve a sample of sugar (teaspoonful) in a quarter glassful of clean water (distilled water is the most preferred)
  • Prepare a separate solution of sodium chloride (a spoonful of common salt and quarter glass of water).
  • Add a few drops of the salt solution to the sugar solution.

Observation : If Hg²+ ions are present, the sugar solution will form a white precipitate (or become turbid or milky)

How to test for Copper in sugar

  • Prepare a solution of wood ash in a clear glass.
  • Add few drops of sugar solution to the wood ash solution.

Observation: If a blue precipitate is formed then that confirms the presence of copper (II) ions in sugar.

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