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How to register online and join Teachers’ union KUPPET, KNUT or KEWOTA through TSC T-Pay online System

Unions of teachers in Kenya Play crucial role when it comes to teaching preofession. This therefore means that its important for a teacher to own membership at least to one Union.

In this article am going to guide you how you can effortlessly join one of the union of your choice. There are three unions that represents the interest of teachers in Kenya; KNUT, KUPPET and KEWOTA.

Kenya National Union of Teachers-KNUT

KNUT was officially registered as A Trade Union On 14th May 1959. Since then the odest teachers’ union has been serving and representing the interest of teachers in Kenya. It draws most of its members from Primary teachers.


Website: knut.or.ke

P.O. Box 30407, 00100 Nairobi,Kenya

254(0) 20 2220387,340301,22223509,22223849

254(0) 20 2222701

0710 600981, 0710, 600983, 0733 600880

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers-KUPPET

KUPPET which draws most of its members from secondary school is undeniably the second oldest union that has over the years successfully represented interests of teachers.

Kenya Women Teachers Association-KEWOTA

The Kenya Women Teachers Association(KEWOTA) is a vibrant welfare society and community for female teachers in Kenya. This is the youngest teachers’ union Kenya. Its more unique since it only represent the interest of one gender.

The association deaws its members from female teachers employed by the TSC, privately employed female teachers, ECDE female teachers, SNE female teachers and other women in the education sector.

KEWOTA Website and Contacts

Website: kewota.co.ke

PHONE: +254 786 486 681

EMAIL: info@kewota.co.ke

OFFICE: 5th floor, Nextgen mall.

P.O bx 40166-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.


  1.  Log in TSC ONLINE PAYSLIP using this link https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/login.php. Enter your tsc number and pasword.
  2. Once you are logged in go to “3RD PARTIES”.
  4.  When The menu Box Opens, Click on the *Select Category.* You will find the following Categories:
    • Bank
    • Hire purchase
    • Insurance
    • Micro-finance
    • Others
    • Saccos
    • SWA
  5. Click on SWA
  6. On Select The  Company: Click On the union that you want join KNUT,KUPPET or KEWOTA.
  7. *Once  You are Sure* CLICK The Send Payslip and it is done.
  8. You will see a pop-up message in GREEN: You have successfully sent your latest payslip to Kenya Women Teachers Association.
  9. When done, log out of the portal so as not expose you tsc portal to online fraudsters.

Role of union of Teachers

  • To bring together and unite teachers of all grades and qualifications in Kenya and providing a forum for co-operation.
  • To fight for improved terms and conditions of service for teachers and protecting teachers interests.
  • Promoting programmes aimed at improving teachers’ welfare or socio-economic status.
  • To offer assistance to individual members in professional as well as legal matters.
  • To settle disputes between members of the union or between its members and their employers through collective and constitutional means.
  • To co-operate with other societies, bodies, unions or organisations within or outside Kenya with similar objectives.
  • To promote matters leading to the improvement of education and the establishment of a common system of education.
  • To secure effective representation of the teaching profession on the government, public and private bodies or organizations where such representation may be necessary.



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