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How To Apply For KUCCPS Inter University Transfer 2024/2025 As deadline Draws Closer

The KUCCPS portal is currently open for inter-institutional transfers. The transfer process began on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, and will continue until Thursday, July 4, 2024. Students wishing to transfer to a different institution should take advantage of this window to apply for their desired changes.

KCSE 2023 students have the option to transfer both their institution and course, as long as they meet the required cut-off points. To start the application process, students need to log in to the KUCCPS Student’s Portal at students.kuccps.net and follow the steps provided on the website.

Payment for the transfer processing fees should only be made after all necessary steps have been completed on the portal. KUCCPS advises against making any advance payments before completing the process. Additionally, KUCCPS emphasizes that no money should be sent to individuals claiming to be staff or to mobile phone numbers. Any payments made outside of the official process are not endorsed and could lead to financial loss.

Students are encouraged to carefully follow the official guidelines to ensure a smooth transfer process and avoid potential scams or unauthorized payments.

How to Apply for Inter-Institutional Transfers

If you wish to apply for an inter-institutional transfer through KUCCPS, follow these steps:

  1. Select a Programme: Begin by selecting a programme of your choice from the list provided by KUCCPS. Make sure to note down the programme code associated with your selected programme.
  2. Visit the KUCCPS Portal: Go to KUCCPS Portal. Once there, click on the “Transfers” tab to start the transfer process.
  3. Input the Programme Code: Enter the programme code you noted earlier into the inter-institutional transfer field on the portal.
  4. Follow the System Steps: The portal will guide you through the necessary steps. Make sure to follow these steps carefully to ensure your transfer request is properly submitted.
  5. Receive and Endorsement: After submitting your request, it will be received and promptly endorsed by the relevant authorities. This step confirms that your request has been acknowledged and is being processed.
  6. University Approval: The university where you were initially placed will receive your transfer request. They will review and release you for the transfer if everything is in order.
  7. KUCCPS Approval: Once your current university approves the transfer, KUCCPS will also review and approve your request. They will then generate a transfer letter.
  8. Download the Transfer Letter: After approval, download your transfer letter from the KUCCPS portal. This document is essential for completing your transfer.
  9. Submit Transfer Letter for Admission: Email the transfer letter to admission@must.ac.ke. This final step ensures that your new institution, e.g Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST), receives the necessary documentation to process your admission.

By following these steps, you can successfully navigate the inter-institutional transfer process and secure a place in your desired programme at your new institution.

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