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Here are 9 Key issues ahead of Unions Meeting with Teachers’ employer TSC

The unions of teachers will meet employers of teachers this week in order to iron out issues raised by teachers. The quick move was meant to avert the September Strike that was being pushed by Hon. Wilson Sossion who is also KNUT secretary general.

In letter seen by Jambo News, KUPPUT has been invited to meet TSC on Friday, but the whereabouts of KNUT invitation is still a puzzle. Though issues to be discussed were not clearly indicated on the letter, matters affecting teachers currently are as clear as crystal.

1. Promotion of Teachers

Grades C2&C3 should be common cadre and thus be automatic upon completion of 3 years in the previous job group.

Graduate teachers start from grade C2 formerly job group K and after three years get promotion to grade C3 formerly job group L. On the other hand diploma teachers start from grade C1 formerly job group J. Initially it took six years for diploma teachers to move to grade C3 but those employed after 2012 have stagnated in grade C2.

The unions are pushing for teachers to get promotion on attaining higher qualifications but TSC is insisting promotion of teachers on basis of work output.

The best Human resource practices all over the world requires that once an employee has attained more skills and knowledge, the employee should be promoted. TSC should promote those who have attained higher papers, this is an investment whose return should be felt.

2. Comprehensive medicare.

Comprehensive medical care is another issue that needs urgent solution. Currently teachers are covered by two medical scheme AON-Minet and NHIF. AON-Minet led to scrapping off of the medical allowance that teachers used to enjoy.

Teachers have registered their displasures owing to shoddy servicers offered by hospitals captured by AON-Minet. Tutors prefer a comprehensive medical cover under NHIF.

3. Teacher training and empowerment courses- Teacher Professional Development (TPD)

Teachers have warmly welcomed empowerment courses that will lead to their growth in teaching career, however the employer should meet the cost. This is the practice all over the world that an employer designs courses tailored for employees at each job group.

4. Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD)

Arguably,TPAD has changed the role of a teacher from imparting knowledge and skills to a secretary and cyber attendant. Appraisal of any employee is paramount but a fair mechanism should be in place. TPAD Should not play a big role in promotion of teachers.

5. Delocalisation policy

TSC should differentiate between deployment and delocalisation. Age, health and cosmopolitan working environments should be considered when transferring tutors.

6. Policy documents

Since January 2018 TSC has realised over 18 policy Circulars. This is causing panic and confusion as teachers fail to comprehend the overlap between the policy documents

7. Risk allowance for Science teachers

In the coming CBA risk allowance for science teacher should be considered, I understand graduate nurses get Kshs 25000. Science teachers have been injured during practical others have developed respiratory problems.

8. Pension and gratuity for retired teachers

A teacher who retires should be able to receive his pension and gratuity within a month after retirement, so that when monthly salary stops, benefits are in place. Many retired tutors feel dejected, oppressed and frustrated chasing their benefits, they become dependants, eventually many die even before getting their dues.

9. Responsibility allowance to HOD’s

Teachers who have been acting in schools which do not have anybody qualifying to be an HOD should be considered for responsibility allowance. TSC can also promote them to officially take the positions, Some have been acting for 5-10yrs. Take note transferring a teacher to this school to take the positions will terribly demoralise those who have been acting in the same capacity.

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