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Gov’t Removes National ID Requirement for HELB Loan, Scholarship, Bursary Application

The government has waived the requirement for national identity cards for students who have not attained the age of 18, and further directed the Ministry of Education, jointly with all stakeholders, to fast-track access to scholarships for all eligible students.

This innovative approach to student financial aid ensures that every Kenyan student is helped by their level of need while they are enrolled in universities and TVET institutions.

HELB Loan first time applicants 2023

According to the Education CS, all continuing students under the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) will not be affected by the new funding model.

“For the first time, students whose households are at the bottom of the pyramid shall enjoy equal opportunities in accessing university and TVET education. Out of the 2022 KCSE graduates, over 45,000 university students and 42,000 TVET students categorized as vulnerable and extremely needy, will be fully funded under the Government Scholarships and Loans,” he added.

How to Apply for HEF Scholarships and Loans through the Portal

The HEF (Higher Education Financing) portal is now accepting applications for scholarships, bursaries, and loans for students entering universities and TVET institutions in the upcoming academic year. 

Government scholarships and loans are accessible for students enrolling in universities, colleges, and TVET institutions starting from the academic year 2023/2024 onwards. 

Students who enrolled in university prior to 2023 can continue to use the previous government funding and HELB loan application system.

Grants and scholarships will be granted based on the financial circumstances of the student, similar to how it has been done with HELB loans.

Eligibility Requirements for the HEF Application

Here is what you need to apply for the higher education funding:

1. A phone number registered under your name.

2. KCSE and KCPE index numbers.

3. Passport photo.

4. Copy of your ID.

5. Copy of your birth certificate.

6. Phone number and copy of ID of your parent or guardian.

7. ID numbers of two HEF loan guarantors.

Note that if you do not have an ID, you cannot apply for the Higher Education Funding loans. However, students without IDs can still apply for HEF scholarships.

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