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Gov’t Fires Warning To Headteachers Transferring Grade 7 Learners to Class 8

Primary school Headteachers are in a difficult position because they must enroll students in Standard Eight rather than Grade Seven.

It has been revealed that some school heads are falsifying school records in order to transfer students from the new 2-6-6-3 education system to the 8-4-4 system.

Here is the circular

MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Office of the Principal Secretary, State Department for Basic Education released a circular to;

Regional Directors of Education

County Directors of Education

RE: Illegal Transfers Of Grade 7 Learners TO STANDARD 8

The above matter refers.

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The Ministry has been made aware of attempts by some Primary Schools to register grade 7 learners for 2023 KCPE.

This illegality involves the following:

  • ¬†falsification of school records
  • falsification of birth records and biodata of grade 7 learners
  • attempts to change or obtain new birth certificates by parents to aid in the malpractice.
  • Generation of new UPI to continuing learners
  • Presenting grade 7 learners as class 8.
  • facilitating transfers of grade 7 students into other schools and presenting them as class 8 transfers.

According to the Ministry of Education the above presents a serious breach of ethics and integrity by schools.To this end,all field officers are asked to validate all registration data for KCPE and point out any abnormal increase in KCPE candidature against 2022 class 7 enrolment.

The officers are also instructed to liase with the officers State Department for Citizen Services on issues of birth certificate issuance that is abnormal. Any school found to engage in such malpractice must be reported to this office for action

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