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Government Bans Morning and Evening Preps

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu yesterday (Monday, January 30) banned early morning and evening classes for all students.

Classes to begin at 8.00 am and end at 3.45pm.

The CS complained that teachers overburdened students, leaving little or no time for rest.

Machogu warned schools against requiring students to arrive before dawn or leave after dusk.

Kenya Primary Heads Association (KEPSHA) responded by requesting that the Ministry of Education hire more teachers in order for the directive to be effective.

According to KEPSHA, the current teacher-pupil ratio in public schools is 1:50.

KEPSHA also thanked the Ministry of Education for addressing some of the issues that had arisen.

The prohibition of morning preps and evening classes is part of a slew of educational reforms implemented by CS Machogu.

Machogu warned school heads in January 2023 not to send Junior Secondary School students home because of fee arrears.

Schools shall determine the uniform for their schools which includes additional unique features for the identification and branding of their institutions.

“Uniform shall be the responsibility of parents and no school shall direct parents where to purchase the uniform or exclude students for failure to afford a school uniform,” the guidelines read in part.

JSS exams would also be formative and summative, he said, and would be offered in the form of School Based Assessments (SBA) national assessments overseen by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNE).

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