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New Ways TSC Breaks a Tie During Recruitment Exercise

Teachers Service Commission , TSC, recruitment exercise is one of the most competitive process. It involves the commission declaring vacant positions in various secondary schools. Thereafter prospective employees are invited to make their applications online.

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Once the application exercise is concluded, the commission through county offices generate merit list that will have suitable applicants arranged in order of their likelihood of securing the Job.

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It is important to note that merit list is usually generated by the commission and it can only be made public if it cannot jeopardise the recruitment process.

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For both primary and secondary school teachers, the details of the shortlisted candidates are usually posted in the TSC Website at least Seven (7) days before the date of the selection exercise.

In this write up our focus will be on how the commission is supposed to break a tie and determine the most suitable employee in the recruitment process.

In the event of a tie in the ranking, consideration for selection shall be determined in the following order:

a) Applicants’ disability status;

The disability status of an applicant is usually given the first priority if two or more applicants have scored same mark. In this scenario, the applicant who disabled will carry the day.

b) Participation in the TSC Teacher Internship Programme;

Any applicant who presents evidence of participation in an internship programme will also stand a good chance to be be given priority in case of a tie. However, according to recruitment guidelines, internship marks will be awarded in three levels;

  • Served for three (3) years – 15 marks
  • Served for two (2) years – 10 marks
  • Served for (1) year -5 marks

c) Length of stay since graduation;

Teachers who have stayed for long since graduation will have more marks. For example teachers who graduated 2015 and before will be awarded highest marks. They will 40 marks. Those who graduated 2022 and after will get 5 which is the lowest one can score under length of stay.

In case of a tie, a teacher who graduated earlier than others will be given priority. This implies a teacher who graduated in the year 2012 will be given a priority than the one who graduated in year 2013.

d) Strength of academic and professional certificates presented.

An applicant who scored better in Kenya Certificate of secondary education will stand a chance incase of a tie. If applicants tie at aggregate grades, subject grades shall be considered.

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