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Form One 2023 Placement Results Out By Today

Form one 2023 placement results will be announced today by education cabinet secretary, Ezekiel Machogu.

“We will be releasing the Form One Selection results on Monday at exactly 10 am,” said Mr Machogu, adding that the selection was made in a timely manner to allow parents enough time to make preparations for their children’s admission.

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The Kenya National Examinations Council, the ICT Authority, and the Ministry of Education all participated in the selection process.

Parents, educators, and the 1,233,852 candidates have been anxiously awaiting the results before the start of the new school year on January 23. A total of 620,965 (or 50.32%) boys and 612,887 (or 512.87%) girls were candidates.

The government has not altered the criteria on merit, equity, and choice in Form One placement standards. This indicates that there would be a similar competition for spots at national institutions even after the selection.

Before taking the KCPE exam, a candidate chooses 11 secondary schools. Four national universities are chosen, one from each of the four groups. The ministry utilizes a 15:35:50 ratio for extra-county schools, with the host sub-county receiving 15% of the slots, the county receiving 35%, and applicants from other regions receiving 50%. Candidates choose two county schools, two subcounty schools, and three extracounty schools. Special needs institutions fall under the national category.

There are 112 national, 776 extra-county, 1,301 county, 6,297 sub-county and 1,301 private secondary schools in Kenya.

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Mr. Machogu claimed the selection procedure was equitable for all kids, since some Kenyans were worried it would favor public schools.

Silas Obuhatsa, the chairman of the National Parents Association, urged openness and responsibility in the selection process, noting that previous decisions had hurt students attending private schools.

“Children should be given a chance to join schools of their choice,” Mr Obuhatsa said, urging the government to ensure children from private schools are also placed in “giant” national schools like their counterparts from public learning institutions.

“Children are equal. Any child who scored marks to join such a school should not be denied the opportunity. Parents are also equal. There are no private or public parents,” he added.

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