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Five Ways To Make Quick Cash

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make some easy and quick cash?  Whether it’s to save up for some kind of getaway or to use when it’s urgently needed, here are some proven ways to make cash fast:



If you know any kind of sport, sports betting is a great way to make cash. Some well-known sports you can bet on are soccer, hockey, darts, and golf, among many more. You need to place a bet on an event that’ll take place soon, and if the player or team wins, you’re on the road to betting victory. Websites such as https://www.bettingsites.ng are a great way to get started with online sports betting.

Taking Surveys 

If you like to answer questions about yourself or a variety of engaging topics —  taking surveys is an excellent opportunity to earn cash. There are many online websites looking for people to do surveys, and signing up for more than one might be a great way to open the field up for you.

Play Games Online

Like to play games? You can earn money from playing on your mobile device desktop computer. There are different websites that contain various games you can choose from.  Discover a new game or an old favorite that you would love to play, and make money out of it.

Sell internet

Have you ever thought that your internet connection could be sold?  Yes,  it can, and it’s an excellent way for you to earn because there’s no hassle in it. Sign up to a website that collects your internet data for data scientists, and depending on how long you keep the app running in the background or how many devices you have connected, you can make up to $50 USD from Honeygain.

Start a blog

Blogs are a safe space where you can elaborate about anything on your mind (although you have to stay on topic) and earn money from it. Platforms like Wix and Bluehost will help you get started on the right foot, and with Google Adsense, people will pay to have their ads on your website. The only tricky thing is getting the audience to generate clicks for you to start earning. 

Here are some great platforms you can build an audience with:

  • Pinterest: make good quality photos and post them with the highlights of your blog
  • TikTok: Make interesting short videos. 
  • Instagram: Post engaging stories or ask followers to read your blog
  • Facebook: Start pages or groups about what your blog is about. 


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