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Education CS, Amina, postpones roll out of new competence based curriculum

The implementation of the new Competence Based curriculum will be halted to allow for proper preparations adequate training of teachers.

Education CS who appeared before the Senate Education Committee, said implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum is important, but it needs time, proper infrastructures in place and training of adequate teachers.

“The curriculum is great, the design is great, but we need to ensure that that all the stakeholders are comfortable before the rollout is done and as per now, we are not ready. We will need to have a conference with all the stakeholders and agree on the rollout date because we want to ensure that everything is in place, the training of teachers, the infrastructure and of course making sure that the books are the right ones, ” said Education CS Amina.

Amb. Amina told the senate that the biggest challenge so far is shortage of teachers both primary and secondary schools.

“We have a shortage of 34,000 and 87, 000 teachers in primary and secondary schools respectively, an issue that needs attention before the transition,” added CS Amina.

Education PS also said that all pupils in grade 3 will proceed to standard 4 and not grade 4.

“Technically nobody is going to grade 4 on this curriculum because what we were doing was just piloting in class 1 and 2 and 3 so there should be no big problem,” Kipsang said.

Parents whose kids were expected to join grade 4 the year 2019 have received this announcement with despair feeling that their time hasbeen wasted.

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